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Ilam Valley Tea Best Tea from Nepal Royal Classic

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Nepal Tea Hosue

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About Exclusive Tea

White Tea

White TeaThe tea leaves have been selectively picked from selected gardens and only from selected bushes. Such strict is the selection process that even from the picked leaves only selected few reach packed box. The tea is skillfully manufactured by skilled laborers who specialize at the manufacture of white tea. The tea when it reaches the cup gives a light pale yellow color. The fascinating taste and character of white tea has puzzled even tea experts.

Silver Tips

Silver TipsSilver Tips is a milestone in the area of speciality tea. It is a very high quality tea which is manufactured only from the bud of the tea plant. Having a unique appearance its liquor has a pale yellow color. This tea has been able to secure a place in the most sought after tea among consumers due to its great taste and uniqueness.

Puwamai Green Tea

Puwamai Green TeaThis tea is also made only from selected leaf. The raw material consists of one leaves and only a bud. TheClick Here!leaf is handled in a very very sophisticated manner, right from the picking process to the manufacturing process to the packing and storing so as not to disturb the position of the leaves. It is because of this extreme care, that Puwamai Tea has essentially the taste and character of green tea and has been able to satisfy hundreds of tea lovers worldwide.

Hand Made Tea

Hand Made TeaMade using traditional methods, handmade tea has been the source oClick Here!f livelihood for hundreds. Use of machinery is minimum and thus the manufacturing process is highly selective and is especially tailored for tea consumers who demand tea specially crafted for their taste buds.

Green tea

Hand Made TeaGreen Tea as its name suggests is green in color. This character is because during the manufacturingClick Here! process the tea leaves do not undergo fermentation. Green tea contains a very negligible amount of caffeine unlike coffee. Green Tea is now being recently recognized and valued for its medicinal values.

Ilam Valley Black Tea

Ilam Valley TeaThe manufacturing process of black tea differs from that of green tea in that, green tea undergoes fermenting and thus has an appearance which is blackish in color. This variety contains more caffeine that green tea but less than that of coffee. Black Tea is an effective cure for hangovers and also increases stamina. Black tea is also referred to as The Morning Tea because of its refreshing and stimulating character.

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